New album “Irony”
(Libertalia Music / August 2018)

Kristel is the new artist out of Malagasy, a true muse of Tana’s Indie Rock scene. The young singer and bass player is only 23 years old, and she lead with rage and panache a power trio made of her brother Ben Kheli (on guitar) and her husband Andry Sylvano (on drums).

Produced by the label Libertalia Music (Dizzy Brains, Stolen, Supermusique, etc.), the first EP entitled”TNM” was released on January 2018, soon followed by the first LP “Irony” on August 2018. Both opus got well-noticed by the French medias.

No need to speak the Malagasy language to understand the anger that the singer’s husky voice screams about the island despair, and the feminist and social claimings she carries.

The trio delivers a fresh and efficient Rock music, tainted of punk and joyful trance, energetic funk riffs, saturated guitars and pop-electro tones.


2017-2018 CONCERTS 

Les Primeurs de Massy
Les Primeurs de Castres
Quai Branly – Paris
La Bellevilloise – Paris
Le Chainon Manquant – Laval
Reggae Sun Ska Festival – Vertheuil
Musique d’ici & d’ailleurs – Chalons/Champagne
Sfinks Festival – Antwerpen
Les Nuits Du Sud – Vence
Mo’Zaic Festival – Le Havre
Festival Relâche – Bordeaux
VK Club – Brussels
Sakifo Festival & Iomma Festival – St Pierre – La Reunion
Libertalia Festival – Nosy Be – Madagascar
Le Hasard Ludique – Paris
Le Jam – La Chapelle sur Erdre
L’Ubu – Rennes
Festival la semaine Elles – Blois
Bars en Trans – Rennes
MaMa Festival – Paris


in agreement with M’A Prod

live Paris – January 2018 

video clip – « IRONY » – May 2018

video clip – « IZY » – May 2016

video clip – « TNM » – September 2017

video clip – « AKAO » – November 2017