The singer with the velvet voice is one of these living legends who have made the golden age of the Jamaican reggae music. Rebel and revolutionary, Rastafarian in the strict sense, he is influenced by the biggest thinkers of the black consciousness as Marcus Garvey, Marthin Luther King or Steve Biko, and his texts reflect his social and political concerns.

When he arrived to Kingston, Pablo Moses met the producer Geoffrey Chung, who falls immediately under the spell of the innovative style and the conscious texts of the artist. His first album, the famous “Revolutionnay Dream” and its tubes “I Man has Grasshopper” and “We Should Be In Angola”, were recorded in 1975 at the Black Ark Studio by a certain Lee “Scratch” Perry, what propels Pablo Moses on the front of the reggae scene leading to an immediate success in Jamaica and all over the world.

After this great success, he has retired during two years to study in The Jamaica School of Music to perfect musically, and took up immediately with the success when he returned with the album “A Song” in 1980, recorded with the mythical duet Sly and Robbie and prestigious back vocals as Rita Marley. He has then became a mythical figure of the Jamaican music and the success continues with the release of “Pave The Way”, the last opus produced in association with Chung. Follow “In The Future” in 1983, “Tension” (1985), “Live to Coils” (1988), “We Refuse” (1990), “Confession of a Rastaman” (1994) and “Mission (1995)”.

During more than 40 years, Pablo Moses has been touring all over the world for the greatest happiness of his fans, in particular in France. His featuting with the famous American band Groundation on the album “Upon the bridge” in 2006 boost his career, to such a point that he decides to release a new studio album, more than fifteen years after the last one, the well-named “The Rebirth” in 2010 at Grounded Music.

After the release of his Best Of album in October 2016, the new album “The Itinuation” produced by Harrison Stafford, the singer of Groundation, and Pablo himself was released on 16th June, 2017 and it already meets a great success !

Pablo will be on tour in 2017 with his favourite backing band, the excellent HandCart band from Marseille !


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Teaser new album “The Itinuation” June 2017

produced by Harrison “Groundation” Stafford & Pablo Moses

Live @Reggae Geel, Belgium 2012