The Bongo Hop is the Afro Caribbean project presented by French trumpetist Etienne Sevet inspired by 8 years living in Cali (Colombia). It is a transatlantic blend of Colombian, Caribbean and West African influences irradiating in a new fashion, the perfect soundtrack for a musical journey.

The 2 first opus « Satingarona pt. 1 » (2016) and « Satingarona pt. 2 » (2019) were both released at Underdog Records and they get together Nidia Gongora (the voice of Ondatropica and Quantic), the hip-hop singer Maikcel (Zalama) and the multi-instrumentiste producer Patchworks (Voilaaa, The Dynamics, Taggy Matcher, Uptown Funk Empire) among a few, and it got acclaimed by the critics.

On stage, The Bongo Hop delivers warm precessions, energetic brass, tribal grooves and captivating vocals, and gets everybody dancing !


“Tite Jeanne” [Live @ Radio Nova]

The Bongo Hop (ft. Nidia Gongora) – “Ventana” [Official Video]

 The Bongo Hop (ft. Cindy Pooch) – “San Gabriel” [Official Video]

[Live @ Woodstower Festival]

[Live @ Festival du Bout du Monde]

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