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EL GATO NEGRO New album early 2024     15 years of travels in South America and Africa, influenced by cumbia, salsa, paso, cha cha and bolero, Afro-cuban and African musics, meetings with artists like La Yegros, Calypso Rose, Oxmo Puccino, Guts, etc., the French artist El Gato Negro mixes all his influences to make his own version of global music. After his… Read more →


Album « NAGA PART II » [Horizon Musiques / Reflet / Pias / 2021]   Listening to Flèche Love is to be transfixed and captivated by a voice, a body, and a message that evoke sensations, emotions, and searing images. It is to become one with the music, the sound, the skin. Amina Cadelli learned baroque music at the conservatory and gets very inspired by… Read more →


New EP “Higher Self” [Yotanka / Pias / 2022.04.22]   Dope Saint Jude (Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius) is a South African, Cape Town born and raised artist, currently residing in London. She began rapping as drag king in Cape Town, starting Africa’s first documented drag king troupe in 2011. She soon taught herself music production and transitioned into making her own music under… Read more →


New album « The Same Tree » [L’Inlassable Disque / September 2022]   Listen Since The Selenites was created in 2008, not a continent that has not heard the retro futuristic sounds of the men of the moon. With more than 200 concerts to date, in Paris, New York, Dakar, Bombay, London, Istanbul, Bangalore, Los Angeles, Bangui, Douala… From Asia to America, from Europe to… Read more →


“MAMA FORGOT HER NAME WAS MIRACLE” [2022.03.11/ Warner]   Born in Canada to Haitian parents and based in Paris, the singer looks on her relationship to the voodoo pantheon and her rituals to cultivate magic on a daily basis, mystical and musical rituals because according to her, “singing means praying twice”. Since her debut in 2008, Mélissa Laveaux has sown little clues as to… Read more →


New album “O Paraiso” (Nø Førmat ! / January 2023)     The Bahian artist Lucas Santtana’s ninth solo album, “O Paraiso” urges us, in ten songs, to modify our line of thought: Paradise exists, right here, right now. It might be wounded but it’s still showing signs of life. We’re responsible for its long term survival, and also, partly, for its constant metamorphosis. Though gentle and full of… Read more →


New album “LEGACY” [Underdog Records / 02 September 2022 ]   Rebecca M’Boungou grew up between two cultures, having Congolese roots and living in South West of France. In 2014, Rebecca M’Boungou met the gypsy jazz guitarist and Mandingo percussionist Arnaud Estor, and they created the duet Kolinga. In Lingala (one of the languages of Congo), Kolinga means binding to someone in… Read more →


AMI YEREWOLO NEW ALBUM “AY” (April 2021)   Known as Mali’s biggest female rapper, Ami Yerewolo has gained a continent-wide following from her high-energy performances that bluntly address issues that both her country and generation are dealing with: loyalty to family vs one’s self, nationalism vs. regionalism, women’s rights etc. Unafraid to rap about sexism, injustice, and backstabbers, Yerewolo creates… Read more →


LP “LA ÑAPA” [Underdog Records] 2022.05.06   It took The Bongo Hop two albums and five years of existence to have its name established on the so called «world music» map – the afrocaribbean one in particular. Leaded by French trumpetist Etienne Sevet, this project combines Colombian and Caribbean music, with West African influences and funk-afrobeat flavor. The release of a few hits like Agua Fria,… Read more →


Next album “HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON – PART II” [BACO RECORDS / 2022.06.03]   In June 2015, Australia’s leading reggae and dancehall producer and accomplished pianist, Mista Savona (aka Jake Savona), has gathered some of Cuba and Jamaica’s most influential musicians in the famous recording studio Egrem Studio in La Havana, Cuba to create a world first album. “Havana meets Kingtson – Part I”… Read more →